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Toddler Mural

August 20, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

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During work time the Cottage and Terrace toddlers worked together to create a mural by using paint and sponges.  The activity was set up in the Terrace classroom which allowed children to choose if they wanted to paint or engage in a different area between the two classrooms.  The children who made the choice to paint were observed using the following Key Developmental Indicators:

Approaches to Learning-Initiative, self-help

Social and Emotional Development-Relationships with peers, playing with others, group participation

Physical Development-Moving parts of the body

Communication, Language, and Literacy-Listening and responding, non verbal communication, two way communication, speaking

Cognitive Development-Exploring objects, exploring more, cause and effect

Creative Arts-Exploring art materials

The teachers are currently working on a display for the mural.  Stay tuned!  :)


August Calendar

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Here is the Garden I/T August Calendar :)

Garden IT August 2014 calendar

Cottage Toddler: Tammy Holley

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Here are a few pictures from last week’s visit with Tammy Holley!  The parachute was the ultimate favorite.  (As always!)


Garden IT July Calendar

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Garden IT July 2014 Calendar

Here is the July Calendar.  Enjoy!

Garden I/T Water Play

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The Garden Infant Toddlers enjoyed cooling off in the warm weather by splashing in water!  They were able to choose from the sensory table or the splash pad.  The children were full of many smiles and laughs.


Cottage Toddlers: Plant our garden

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Some of our Garden Toddlers assisted Jade in planting our garden.  They planted tomato, zucchini, and cucumbers.  The children helped dig holes, put the seeds in and water them.  All of the Garden Toddlers have enjoyed making trips to the garden to water and to see if anything is growing yet!


Garden I/T: June Calendar

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Here is our June Calendar.  Enjoy!  :) Garden IT June 2014 Calendar


Garden Toddlers: Music Outdoors!

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Last week the Garden Toddlers (as well as the Lake Toddlers) received a special treat during outside time!  Seyah, Isaac’s mom, came and played music for the children.  She also brought instruments for them to use while she was singing.  The children were able to choose if they wanted to come into the grassy area  for music or play elsewhere.  Many of the children were very curious, especially about the different instruments Seyah brought.  We are always looking for ways to involve parents into our classrooms, so please let us know if you’d like to join us and share an activity, read a story during group time, etc.



Garden I/T: Music in the gym!

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For MOYC one of the activities provided for the children was music in the gym.  Scott, our Young Fives  teacher brought in his disc jockey equipment and set up shop in the gym for everyone to go and listen to their favorite songs and work off some energy!  The children were provided with scarves and ribbons to explore as well.  The Garden Infants and Toddlers seemed to really enjoy their time:  Especially when the “Frozen” song came on!  :)


May Calendar

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Garden IT May 2014 Calendar

Here is the May Calendar!  We are having parent teacher conferences at the end of the month.  Look for a sign up sheet on Monday!  :)


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