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Orchard Infants Paint!

August 20, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

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Last week the children in the Orchard Infant room painted.  The older infants who will shortly be transitioning to the toddler room painted with their hands, while the younger infants painted with their feet while standing in the exa- saucer.  This also was the first masterpiece that the younger infants made while at Gretchen’s House!  While all the infants explored with the paint in various ways, I was able to take anecdotes by using the following Key Developmental Indicators:

Approaches to Learning-Self help

Social and Emotional Development-Group Participation

Physical Development-Moving parts of the body

Communication and Language-Listening and responding, non verbal communication, speaking

Cognitive Development-Cause and effect

Creative Arts-Exploring art materials

To see your child’s finished artwork, please check out the display in our classroom!  :)


August Calendar

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Here is the Garden I/T August Calendar :)

Garden IT August 2014 calendar

Orchard Infant Tummy Time!

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Tummy time is an important part of a baby’s development.  At Gretchen’s House we make sure to provide multiple opportunities throughout the day for supervised tummy time.  On this day, all three of these little guys were awake and ready for some “social” tummy time together.  :)


Garden IT July Calendar

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Garden IT July 2014 Calendar

Here is the July Calendar.  Enjoy!

Garden I/T Water Play

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The Garden Infant Toddlers enjoyed cooling off in the warm weather by splashing in water!  They were able to choose from the sensory table or the splash pad.  The children were full of many smiles and laughs.


Orchard Infants Paint!

June 5, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

For small group time the Orchard Infants experienced “Mess Free Painting.”  I was able to put a piece of paper along with paint into a bag and seal it, allowing the infants to pat, squish, crinkle, and throw their artwork. One child even took his for a ride with the alligator push toy!


Garden I/T: June Calendar

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Here is our June Calendar.  Enjoy!  :) Garden IT June 2014 Calendar


Orchard Infants Water Play!

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The Orchard Infants recently explored with water in the sensory table during small group time.  I put a small amount of water inside, added purple water colors, and tubes for the children to play with.  Each child took a turn sitting inside of the sensory table, and boy was it a hit!  So many laughs and splashes were had.  While the children explored, I had the opportunity to make some observations based upon the Key Developmental Indicators:  Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, Communication & Language, and Cognitive Development.  We look forward to moving the water play to outside once the weather is consistently warmer!  :)


Garden I/T: Music in the gym!

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For MOYC one of the activities provided for the children was music in the gym.  Scott, our Young Fives  teacher brought in his disc jockey equipment and set up shop in the gym for everyone to go and listen to their favorite songs and work off some energy!  The children were provided with scarves and ribbons to explore as well.  The Garden Infants and Toddlers seemed to really enjoy their time:  Especially when the “Frozen” song came on!  :)


May Calendar

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Garden IT May 2014 Calendar

Here is the May Calendar!  We are having parent teacher conferences at the end of the month.  Look for a sign up sheet on Monday!  :)


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