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Trail Field Trip to the Blast Corn Maze

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Trail September Calendar

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Here is the Trail September 2013 calendar.


Welcome to Trail

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I wanted to welcome all trail families to our blog. Hopefully if you are here, you have figured out the LOGIN information. We’ve been very active during small group time using dice, shapes, play money, bean bags, and fuse beads intergrateing your child’s classroom interests into learning geometry, patterns, and number sense/operations.


Fall Housekeeping Reminders

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This post was written by Laura Griswold, Director of GH-Dhu-Varren. Her reminders are applicable to all the centers so we thought we’d share!


Fall brings a lot of exciting changes to our centers. We have returning families and new families joining our classrooms. Here are a few things we need you to know or be reminded of regarding health and safety at Gretchen’s House.


Recently we noticed that many children are finishing their breakfast from home as they arrive at the center. It is important that all food from home be eaten before your child comes in the door. This matters not only because of the many children attending with food allergies, but also it shows respect to the other children who may find what your child is eating desirable.

Snacks at pick up time can also be a problem. Please be sure to offer your child their afternoon snack after you are out of the building. Finally, please do not store the snacks intended for pick up in your child’s back pack or cubby. We have found some ‘sneaky cubby munchers’ that just couldn’t wait!

Parking Lot

It is dangerous:

– To leave your car running unattended in the parking lot

– To leave children in the car unattended (car running or not)

– To allow your child to ride in the car without a properly installed cars seat or booster in the back seat of the vehicle

The Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office has stated that if they are patrolling parking lots and see any of the above scenarios, they will ticket the driver.

Local authorities have also reported incidents of thieves targeting child care centers. They break into cars to steal purses, lap tops, etc. when parents are dropping off their children. There have been instances where children were in the car when the robbery happened. In some cases, where older children were involved, the police asked the child to describe the thief! That is scary. We want everyone to be safe.

Contracted Times

Upon enrollment, families choose their contracted times to have their child(ren) at the center. This 9 ½ hour time frame aids us in determining the teachers’ schedules. We need to maintain safe ratios that allows us to provide the quality care you should expect from Gretchen’s House. If there is an occasional situation that requires you to deviate from that schedule, please let the teacher know so we can make adjustments as necessary for that day.

Emergency Cards and Health Insurance info

Many of you have already filled out the new Emergency Cards required by the state of Michigan. Thank you. One of the things that they omitted on the new card that is still required for us to have is the Health Insurance Number. We are asking parents to bring a copy of their card to the front desk so we can make a quick copy. If you haven’t filled out the new Emergency Card or provided us the insurance card, please do so by the end of the month.

Thank you for partnering with us in our mission to keep children healthy and safe.

Trail February Calendar

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Please take a moment to review our February Calendar. We will be departing by 9 a.m. on the 18th for our Health Exploration Station field trip.

February 2013 Calendar



Trail Work Time

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Trail November Calendar

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Hello Families! Here is the November Calendar for our classroom. In addition to reviewing the calendar, please remember warm clothes for outside and extra clothes daily. Thanks!


November Calendar Trail

Trail Pumpkin Pictures

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Here are a few pictures of the kids exploring pumpkins. Enjoy!


Fun in the Sand at Work Time

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Busy at work time! Actively engaging in the sand and water table. Drake, Harper, Walter, Connor

Young Fives October Calendar Additions

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I have forgotten to add a few important dates to the  Trail October Calendar.  I will be out of town Wednesday October 3rd through Friday October 5th. I will return on Monday the 8th. Wednesday October 10th our class will be going to Donahee Farms Pumpkin Patch. Any parents who would like to join us are more than welcome.


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