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Who can see the MyHouse pages?
Parents of currently enrolled children and staff. Please don’t share the password with other family members, and be sure to close your browser window if you view MyHouse pages at a public computer.

How can I comment?
Scroll to the bottom of the post or page and use the box there. Comments are moderated.

Why are your comments moderated?
To prevent spam attacks, and to ensure that private matters are addressed privately.

How long does it take to approve comments?
Usually within 24 hours. If you have an urgent concern, please email us or telephone.

If your comments are moderated, why did mine post immediately?
It didn’t. It just shows on your browser because it’s in your cache (the browser’s short-term memory).

Why didn’t you approve my comment?
If a comment discusses something we consider to be a private manner, we will contact you privately rather than posting the comment and responding publicly. Because it can take a day or two to approve comments, you may not have heard from us yet. The only other reason we might not approve a comment is factual error or if it were unrelated to the post at hand.

Why don’t the teachers update MyHouse more often?
Teachers’ first priority is caring for the children. MyHouse postings are intended to enhance existing communications but not replace them. Additionally, some teachers are more tech-savvy than others. We expect to have an adjustment period in which some teachers will update more frequently than others, but it will likely level off to a regular schedule, at least once a week for most classrooms.

How can I get automatic updates of posts?
Use the box on the left side menu to subscribe to e-mail updates. After entering your e-mail address, you will receive a verification e-mail. After you click on the link in that message, you will receive a confirmation message. Feedburner sends a message once a day (between 5-7 pm) with any new posts from that day. If there are no new posts, there will be no e-mail.

I got the confirmation message but am not receiving update e-mails.
Either no new messages have been posted, or our message is caught in your spam filter. Add to your contacts to ensure messages are delivered.

I receive the e-mail updates but I cannot see the photos in them without going to the site. If you haven’t logged into the MyHouse in a while, you may need to do so to view the pictures. Otherwise, this is usually a function of the settings on your web browser and/or e-mail provider. Here is a brief explanation from Leo Notenboom

Outlook 2003 introduced a security feature whereby all remote images from untrusted addresses are displayed as red X’s by default. In order to view the images you must either add that sender to your safe sender’s list, or right click on one of the red X placeholders and specifically tell Outlook to download and display the images.

Most email programs that display HTML email actually use a browser such as Internet Explorer to do so. That implies that any settings you’ve made to your browser will also impact your HTML email. One such setting controls whether images are displayed at all. Turn that off in your browser, and chances are you’ve turned it off in your email as well.

We recommend googling the issue using the name of the programs you use for email and browsing. The other relevant terms you should use are “images in e-mail don’t display” or “can’t see images in feed.”

How do I unsubscribe from e-mail updates?
Use the link at the bottom of the any feedburner e-mails you receive from us.

Can I bookmark this page?
Yes, but you will periodically have to re-enter your password. We ask parents not to leave the browser window open if they browse MyHouse at public computers.

Why do I have to have two passwords for the parent materials and MyHouse stuff?
The parent materials have a password that applies to all the centers and staff. Each house has a unique MyHouse password.

What is the parent library password?

Have a question that isn’t answered here? E-mail us.


2 Responses to “FAQ”
  1. Jeanne Wei says:

    Would it be possible to upload the school menu on the website? Thanks.

  2. Hope Vestergaard says:

    Hi, Jeanne.

    Our menus can be found by going to the Parent pull-down menu on the main Gretchen’s House website, then scrolling down to Library, then selecting Menus. Here’s a link:

    – Hope Vestergaard
    Web Editor

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