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From the Director/Oak Valley Staff and Work Days

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I thought that I would share a synopsis of what took place during our Staff Work Days, prior to Labor Day. 

On Wednesday, all of the Ann Arbor and Chelsea centers met for a day of training.  Topics included Problem-Solving with Preschoolers; Problem-Solving with Infants and Toddlers; Parent Partnerships; Group Times with Infants and Toddlers, Coaching Teachers, and many more.  Teachers were able to choose two trainings to attend on that day.  We also did a team building activity.  On Thursday and Friday, we were back at our own centers.  We spent time looking at the online parent survey results and discussing our plans for the upcoming year.  We had trainings on Working As a Team, Crisis Management, and Medication Dispensing.  Teachers also completed annual renewals on Blood Bourne Pathogens, Safe Sleep, Shaken Baby, and Allergy Training.  There was a bit of time that teachers were able to work in the classrooms, either cleaning, changing out materials, or preparing for new students.   We appreciate this time to train our teachers and prepare for the new school year-and are looking forward to 2014-2015!


From Caterpillar to Butterfly

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A few weeks back the Garden Toddlers found two caterpillars in the garden while picking vegetables.  They brought them into the Cottage classroom and made a home for them.  The teachers and children fed them and watched them daily until over this past weekend the caterpillars formed their chrysalis. During nap time yesterday, one of the chrysalis’ opened up and out popped a beautiful butterfly!  Everyone was so excited and very interested in investigating the butterfly before releasing it in the garden where they had found the caterpillars.  We are still waiting for the other chrysalis to open up!


Toddler Mural

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During work time the Cottage and Terrace toddlers worked together to create a mural by using paint and sponges.  The activity was set up in the Terrace classroom which allowed children to choose if they wanted to paint or engage in a different area between the two classrooms.  The children who made the choice to paint were observed using the following Key Developmental Indicators:

Approaches to Learning-Initiative, self-help

Social and Emotional Development-Relationships with peers, playing with others, group participation

Physical Development-Moving parts of the body

Communication, Language, and Literacy-Listening and responding, non verbal communication, two way communication, speaking

Cognitive Development-Exploring objects, exploring more, cause and effect

Creative Arts-Exploring art materials

The teachers are currently working on a display for the mural.  Stay tuned!  :)


Orchard Infants Paint!

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Last week the children in the Orchard Infant room painted.  The older infants who will shortly be transitioning to the toddler room painted with their hands, while the younger infants painted with their feet while standing in the exa- saucer.  This also was the first masterpiece that the younger infants made while at Gretchen’s House!  While all the infants explored with the paint in various ways, I was able to take anecdotes by using the following Key Developmental Indicators:

Approaches to Learning-Self help

Social and Emotional Development-Group Participation

Physical Development-Moving parts of the body

Communication and Language-Listening and responding, non verbal communication, speaking

Cognitive Development-Cause and effect

Creative Arts-Exploring art materials

To see your child’s finished artwork, please check out the display in our classroom!  :)


August Calendar

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Here is the Garden I/T August Calendar :)

Garden IT August 2014 calendar

From the Director

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I hope you are all finding moments to enjoy the summer with your families.   It’s hard to believe that summer will soon be coming to a close.

I would like to extend a thank you to Stephanie Lingo for organizing our annual St. Jude Trike-A-Thon event that took place on April 29, 2014.  I would also like to thank the children, teachers and families who supported this event.  I just received word that we raised $3,010.00 that will help St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in their quest to find cures and save children battling cancer and other deadly diseases.  This event has been held for over a decade at Oak Valley, and would not be successful without everyone’s hard work and support.

Looking forward, we will host our annual Flu Clinic at Oak Valley on Wednesday, October 1.  The event will take place from 4-6:30 pm.  Watch for the sign up sheet that will be posted in September.


Orchard Infant Tummy Time!

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Tummy time is an important part of a baby’s development.  At Gretchen’s House we make sure to provide multiple opportunities throughout the day for supervised tummy time.  On this day, all three of these little guys were awake and ready for some “social” tummy time together.  :)


Terrace Toddler Small Group

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DSCN6086b DSCN6087b DSCN6088b

The toddlers have been very interested in using pens and crayons.  For small group last week, Hannah offered the children different writing utensils to explore with.  The children were all smiles that they got to choose what to use and how to use it.


Cottage Toddler: Tammy Holley

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Here are a few pictures from last week’s visit with Tammy Holley!  The parachute was the ultimate favorite.  (As always!)


Garden IT July Calendar

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Garden IT July 2014 Calendar

Here is the July Calendar.  Enjoy!

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